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All Or Nothing (The Coxwells Book 4)

Some people will do anything for true love — even if they have to fake it.

Jen Maitland had no use for handsome guys with easy charm — until she met Zach. He’s the perfect fake date to end her mother’s matchmaking scheme before it starts. Besides, he’d probably just use her and leave her like her ex-fiancé did. At least that’s what Jen tells herself. The only problem is that Zach isn’t as predictable as he appears…

Zach Coxwell hates commitment, but loves a challenge. Like the pretty…

All Or Nothing

ISBN 10 : 9781927477199
ISBN 13 : 1927477190

Some people will do anything for love—even if they have to fake it. Jen Maitland had no use for handsome guys with easy charm—until she met Zach. He's the perfect fake date to ..

One More Time

ISBN 10 : 9781927477175
ISBN 13 : 1927477174

Can you know what you want before you have it? Or do you have to lose it know for sure? Mild-mannered Matt Coxwell has finally found something worth fighting for. In fact, it's onl..

Love Potion 9

ISBN 10 : 9781927477083
ISBN 13 : 1927477085

Italy, August 1420: A gypsy named Lilith sees her lover hanged for a crime he didn't commit. On the gallows, he swears to return to her. Convinced that one day he’ll be reborn, s..


ISBN 10 : 9782258101494
ISBN 13 : 2258101492

Le destin incroyable de Louis Zamperini, coureur olympique et vétéran de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Bientôt au cinéma ! Louis Zamperini est né en 1917 à New York. Quand il a..

The Moonstone

ISBN 10 : 9781927477076
ISBN 13 : 1927477077

North England, 1390: Falsely accused of witchcraft, ever-optimistic Viviane is sure the truth will set her free. But when her execution is imminent, only a wish on an unusual moons..

One Hundred Proofs That The Earth Is Not A Globe

ISBN 10 : 9780244903190
ISBN 13 : 0244903190

***Completely revised version of the original 1885 edition*** "If we take a journey down the Chesapeake Bay, by night, we shall see the 'light' exhibited at Sharpe's Island for an ..

Un Cambrioleour Amateur

ISBN 10 : 0543766969
ISBN 13 : 9780543766960

This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by Félix Juven in Paris, 1907...