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Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

These texts cover the design of object-oriented software and examine how to investigate requirements, create solutions and then translate designs into code, showing developers how to make practical use of the most significant recent developments. A summary of UML notation is included.

Design Patterns

ISBN 10 : 0321700694
ISBN 13 : 9780321700698

Capturing a wealth of experience about the design of object-oriented software, four top-notch designers present a catalog of simple and succinct solutions to commonly occurring des..

Design Patterns Cd

ISBN 10 : 0201634988
ISBN 13 : 9780201634983

The 23 patterns contained in the book, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software have become an essential resource for anyone developing reusable software desi..

Design Patterns

ISBN 10 : 0582844428
ISBN 13 : 9780582844421


Design Patterns Explained

ISBN 10 : 0321630041
ISBN 13 : 9780321630049

"One of the great things about the book is the way the authors explain concepts very simply using analogies rather than programming examples–this has been very inspiring for a pr..

Design Patterns In Ruby Adobe Reader

ISBN 10 : 0132702509
ISBN 13 : 9780132702508

Praise for Design Patterns in Ruby " Design Patterns in Ruby documents smart ways to resolve many problems that Ruby developers commonly encounter. Russ Olsen has done a great job ..

Analysis Patterns

ISBN 10 : 0201895420
ISBN 13 : 9780201895421

In his long-awaited book, Martin Fowler has done for application domain patterns what the Gang of Four [Gamma et al.] have done for general purpose design patterns in their book, D..

Design Patterns And Contracts

ISBN 10 : 0201309599
ISBN 13 : 9780201309591

"They introduce design patterns and Design by Contract in the context of software engineering, and show how these tools are used to guide and document system design."--BOOK JACKET...