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Life In The Garden

ISBN 10 : 9780241982174
ISBN 13 : 0241982170

The two central activities in my life - alongside writing - have been reading and gardening. Penelope Lively has always been a keen gardener. This book is partly a memoir of her ow..

Yellow Kitty Life In The Garden

ISBN 10 : 9781257254460
ISBN 13 : 1257254464

This is a story of courage, unconditional love and redemption. It's the saga of Yellow Kitty and the residents of The Garden. The little animals we all see scurrying here and there..

The Garden In The Machine

ISBN 10 : 0691029032
ISBN 13 : 9780691029030

What is life? Is it just the biologically familiar--birds, trees, snails, people--or is it an infinitely complex of patterns that a computer could simulate? Emmeche outlines many o..

Life In A Garden

ISBN 10 : 0237523027
ISBN 13 : 9780237523022

This series takes a close look at the often surprising animals and plants that live in specialized microhabitats. This title focuses on food chains and the web of life found in the..

Zoo Story

ISBN 10 : 9781401396039
ISBN 13 : 1401396038

"This story, told by a master teller of such things, does more than take you inside the cages, fences, and walls of a zoo. It takes you inside the human heart, and an elephant's, a..

Life In A Garden

ISBN 10 : 1583410724
ISBN 13 : 9781583410721

Examines a few animals that may thrive in a garden, including aphids, praying mantises, and garden snails. Suggests several related activities...

Life Conquers Death

ISBN 10 : 9780310571834
ISBN 13 : 0310571839

How can we come to understand more fully our own story of sin and redemption? This beautiful series of meditations addresses that need. Each chapter moves us one step along the pat..