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One Hundred Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans

ISBN 10 : 0340861703
ISBN 13 : 9780340861707

Adopt a rescue human. They think they are adopting you. Humans that need homes go to special places where cats are kept. These are rescue humans. Humans can't caterwaul - except in..

100 Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans

ISBN 10 : 159337416X
ISBN 13 : 9781593374167

Cats are rarely as perplexed by human behavior as humans are by theirs. In this revealing little volume, cat lovers learn to read the feline mind--and get more than they bargained ..

100 Ways To Be More Like Your Cat

ISBN 10 : 9781473681880
ISBN 13 : 147368188X

From the bestselling author of One Hundred Ways For a Cat To Train Its Human comes a new guide on how to improve your own life by learning from your cat. Content, living in the mom..

For The Love Of A Cat

ISBN 10 : 9781458777720
ISBN 13 : 1458777723

Few people can appreciate the joy that being owned by a cat brings better than David St John Thomas - the latest in a long line of publishers and authors to pay homage to the very ..

Tilly The Ugliest Cat

ISBN 10 : 9780600625582
ISBN 13 : 0600625583

Tilly has spent most of her adult life in an Oxfordshire shelter, unchosen, unwanted and practically feral. Seeking a distraction from her own troubles, the author and renowned pet..

Toby The Cross Eyed Stray

ISBN 10 : 9780600631729
ISBN 13 : 0600631729

'Hunched among the shoes, half hidden by my dresses, filthy and terrified, he looked like a cat that might be seriously ill. He was toast-rack thin, with all his ribs sticking out,..

Fun And Games For Cats

ISBN 10 : 9781845843878
ISBN 13 : 1845843878

This book will introduce you to the games that your cat will want to play, and have great fun doing so! To determine precisely what games will most appeal to your cat, there's a de..