A Dog’s Guide to Humans: Volume 1 (Fun Reads for Dog Lovers)

Have you ever wondered how dogs see us? A Dog’s Guide to Humans – “Written by dogs, for dogs.” A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog’s point of view. Bob the West Highland Terrier shares some tips and tricks on getting the best out of human beings, attempts to fathom some of their strange behaviour and imparts some of his wisdom on training and manipulation techniques. WARNING – the author takes no responsibility for any improvement in your dog’s people training skills. A must…

Dog Shaming 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

The Dog Shaming 2018 desk calendar features an all-new selection of full-colour photos from the site’s funniest and cutest pups. Dog lovers will be able to relate to the crazy antics and appreciate the dogs’ endearing expressions that make it so hard to hold anything against them for long.Open Height (mm): 133, Open Width (mm): 156