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10 The Cat Lady

ISBN 10 : 9781444906981
ISBN 13 : 1444906984

Mrs Tibbalt was so notorious in Chloe's town for having hundreds of cats roaming around her dilapidated Victorian cottage that she was nicknamed the Cat Lady. Chloe's friends told ..

Cat Lady Chic

ISBN 10 : 9781613127179
ISBN 13 : 1613127170

The term “Cat Lady” can evoke the image of an unfashionable, unkempt, and slightly unhinged spinster hoarding multiple cats. Cat Lady Chic serves as the antidote to this unflat..

The Cat Lady

ISBN 10 : 0439893917
ISBN 13 : 9780439893916

Chloe hears some ghastly rumors about the neighborhood Cat Lady which could be true; Mark and Calvin are impressed by a new friend who doesn't play by the rules; and Alice finds ou..

Outing The Cat Lady

ISBN 10 : 0983591938
ISBN 13 : 9780983591931


Tosca The Cat Lady

ISBN 10 : 1599540029
ISBN 13 : 9781599540023

Winner of the prestigious Viareggio Literary Prize in 1984, this work chronicles the solitary life of Tosca, who spends her senior years among the offspring of her dearly departed ..

The Cat Lady Of Concord

ISBN 10 : 1593730624
ISBN 13 : 9781593730628

Floy Morway founded Adopt-a-Cat, a no-kill policy organization which has now saved thousands of feline lives.She takes the reader behind the scenes and over the top with real life ..

Cat Lady Chronicles

ISBN 10 : 8889854987
ISBN 13 : 9788889854983

Cat Lady Chronicles is the heartwarming true story of an art-book editor who finds her unexpected calling as a Cat Lady. Author Diane Lovejoy shares her private joy in rescuing ten..