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Beer Is Better Than Women Because

ISBN 10 : 0880321954
ISBN 13 : 9780880321952


Men Are Better Than Women

ISBN 10 : 141695919X
ISBN 13 : 9781416959199

Through a process of exhaustive man research he calls "keeping his eyes open," Dick Masterson has compiled a Magnum-size list of the ways men are better than women. It is an infall..

Talking Difference

ISBN 10 : 0803988281
ISBN 13 : 9780803988286

`I love the warmth and wit in this book, but I say this in no way to detract from the seriousness of its subject matter and its incisive treatment by Mary Crawford... this is a gre..

Rebellious Laughter

ISBN 10 : 0815627475
ISBN 13 : 9780815627470

Bringing together everyday language, social interaction and cultural warfare, this work forms a social history of humour in American culture. It argues that jokes provide a cultura..

Do The Right Thing

ISBN 10 : 0817993835
ISBN 13 : 9780817993832

Nationally syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams is chairmain of the economic department at George Mason University. This thought-provoking book contains nearly one hundred of Wi..

Men Vs Women

ISBN 10 : 9781434843609
ISBN 13 : 1434843602

Contains hundreds of lists showing the hilarious differences between men and women. Covers dating, drinking, marriage, and more. A humorous look from both points of view from the s..

The Shadow University

ISBN 10 : 9780684867496
ISBN 13 : 0684867494

Universities once believed themselves to be sacred enclaves, where students and professors could debate the issues of the day and arrive at a better understanding of the human cond..