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ISBN 10 : 9782267028133
ISBN 13 : 2267028131

« Le 124 était habité de malveillance. Imprégné de la malédiction d’un béb酠» À Bluestone Road, près de Cincinnatti, vers 1870, les meubles volent, la lumière allume ..


ISBN 10 : 9782511031728
ISBN 13 : 2511031728

Cette fiche de lecture sur Beloved de Toni Morrison propose une analyse complète de l'oeuvre : • un résumé de Beloved • une analyse du contexte de l'oeuvre • une présenta..


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Peopled with unforgettable characters, Beloved is a feast of a novel that sweeps the reader away to the opulent world of 18th century France where Christina DiClementi, daughter of..


ISBN 10 : 9781459208810
ISBN 13 : 1459208811

Simon Hart had sworn off romantic entanglements forever. But every man had a weakness, and his was the beautiful, beguiling Tira Beck. He thought the bubbly socialite was a shamele..


ISBN 10 : 9781430319153
ISBN 13 : 1430319151

What is home? What is loyalty? What is family? This book will make you question them all. "Beloved" is a unique memoir of war and triumph in the fictional city of Damas. Kirin is a..

Marconi My Beloved

ISBN 10 : 0937832391
ISBN 13 : 9780937832394

When in 1895 twenty-one-year-old Guglielmo Marconi made his first wireless transmission over land, he became the boy wonder of the world. When subsequently, he made similar transmi..

Days Of The Beloved

ISBN 10 : 0863112692
ISBN 13 : 9780863112690