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Beyond The Zonules Of Zinn

ISBN 10 : 9780674020429
ISBN 13 : 0674020421


Beyond The Zonules Of Zinn

ISBN 10 : 0674026101
ISBN 13 : 9780674026100

Describes the structure, function, and evolution of the brain...

Beyond The Zonules Of Zinn

ISBN 10 : 0674034589
ISBN 13 : 9780674034587

In his latest book, Bainbridge combines an otherworldly journey through the central nervous system with an accessible and entertaining account of how the brain's anatomy has often ..


ISBN 10 : 9781926685410
ISBN 13 : 1926685415

Teenagers reimagines the way people think about adolescents. No longer society's scourge and scapegoat, the teenager emerges from David Bainbridge's fascinating study as an awe-ins..

The X In Sex

ISBN 10 : 9780674020412
ISBN 13 : 0674020413

A tiny scrap of genetic information determines our sex; it also consigns many of us to a life of disease, directs or disrupts the everyday working of our bodies, and forces women t..

Curvology The Origins And Power Of Female Body Shape

ISBN 10 : 9781468312942
ISBN 13 : 1468312944

Anatomy professor David Bainbridge applies the science of evolutionary biology and psychology to look at women's bodies in our ancestral past, our self-image-obsessed present, and ..

Making Babies

ISBN 10 : 0674006534
ISBN 13 : 9780674006539

A reproductive biologist explains the forty weeks of a human pregnancy, placing the biology of motherhood in an evolutionary, sociological, and historical context for the layperson..