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Kingdom River

ISBN 10 : 1429980826
ISBN 13 : 9781429980821

Sam Monroe is the reluctant commander of a tough-minded warrior people living in what was once northern Mexico. His tiny country is flanked on the northeast by the Kingdom River, a..

River Of Dark Dreams

ISBN 10 : 9780674074903
ISBN 13 : 0674074904

River of Dark Dreams places the Cotton Kingdom at the center of worldwide webs of exchange and exploitation that extended across oceans and drove an insatiable hunger for new lands..

Ancient Angkor

ISBN 10 : 0834804263
ISBN 13 : 9780834804265

The Khmer civilization centred on Angkor was one of the most remarkable to flourish in Southeast Asia. Between the 8th and the 13th centuries, a succession of Hindu and Buddhist ki..

Shadow Histories Of The River Kingdom

ISBN 10 : 9781908039637
ISBN 13 : 1908039639

Imaginary friends should be a comfort when other consolations fail. But what if these longed-for companions think different? What if they’re none too pleased to be summoned? What..

The Water Kingdom

ISBN 10 : 9780226369204
ISBN 13 : 022636920X

In The Water Kingdom popular science writer Philip Ball navigates the turbulent and often confusing currents of Chinese history and culture by tracing peoples' relationships with w..

The Invisible King And His Kingdom

ISBN 10 : 9781616382797
ISBN 13 : 1616382791

Too many Christians have a pessimistic and "doom and gloom" view of the future because of a lack of understanding concerning what Jesus came to establish--the kingdom of God. If be..

Kingdom Of Snow

ISBN 10 : 0812236815
ISBN 13 : 9780812236811

Kingdom of Snow investigates the impact of Roman rule in Cappadocia and the fate of classical Greek culture in an increasingly Christian society...