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Once Upon A Monk

ISBN 10 : 1456720171
ISBN 13 : 9781456720179

You are about to embark into a book that has taken four years in the making. Once Upon a Monk will hopefully support all readers in better understanding life woven into a fabric of..

Janus At The Millennium

ISBN 10 : 076182832X
ISBN 13 : 9780761828327

This volume contains a selection of articles originally presented at the Tenth Interdisciplinary Conference on Netherlandic Studies. These revised contributions, relating to the co..

Life And Values

ISBN 10 : 9788178990491
ISBN 13 : 8178990490

Practicing Human Values In Our Daily Lives Implies Organizing One'S Life In Such A Way That All Our Thoughts, Words And Actions May Result In Harmony With Our Set Of Interpersonal ..

The Most Amazing Book Of Ohio Christmas Trivia

ISBN 10 : 0635033518
ISBN 13 : 9780635033512

Learn about Christmas in Zoar, how the Amish celebrate the holiday, how Ohio settlers celebrated and how people do it today. Includes recipes and instructions for crafts...

Texas Classic Christmas Trivia

ISBN 10 : 063503350X
ISBN 13 : 9780635033505

Amazing stories, charming & humorous poetry, seasonal trivia, poignant facts, delicious recipes, festive crafts, and more Christmasy stuff!..

The One Year Christian History

ISBN 10 : 9781414328119
ISBN 13 : 1414328117

What happened on this date in church history? From ancient Rome to the twenty-first century, from peasants to presidents, from missionaries to martyrs, this book shows how God does..

The Great Beginning Of Citeaux

ISBN 10 : 9780879077822
ISBN 13 : 0879077824

In the closing decades of the twelfth century the Cistercian Order found itself in a world rather different from the one in which it had been founded and began to thrive. The Order..