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The Forager S Feast How To Identify Gather And Prepare Wild Edibles Countryman Know How

ISBN 10 : 9781581575927
ISBN 13 : 1581575920

A field guide/cookbook for foraging enthusiasts Delicious wild edible plants and mushrooms are abundant throughout North America, not only in the wilderness but in urban areas, too..

The Forager S Feast

ISBN 10 : 1581573065
ISBN 13 : 9781581573060

A field guide/cookbook for foraging enthusiasts..

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine

ISBN 10 : 9781603586061
ISBN 13 : 1603586067

With detailed recipes for ferments, infusions, spices, and other preparations Wild foods are increasingly popular, as evidenced by the number of new books about identifying plants ..

Acorns Cattails

ISBN 10 : 9781510709621
ISBN 13 : 1510709622

The culinary do-it-yourself era is in full swing! Many chefs and cooks are seeking a deeper connection with their food through foraging, farming, and hunting, leading many to cast ..

The Scout S Guide To Wild Edibles

ISBN 10 : 1943366063
ISBN 13 : 9781943366064

Ever seen a tasty-looking plant or mushroom in a yard or forest but weren't sure if it would taste good...or even be edible? In The Scout's Guide to Wild Edibles, renowned forager ..

Ugly Little Greens

ISBN 10 : 9781624144066
ISBN 13 : 1624144063

Unique Recipes for the Adventurous Cook Ugly Little Greens is the must-have foraging guide and cookbook for anyone looking to up their game in the kitchen. Mia Wasilevich shares th..

Preserving Everything

ISBN 10 : 1581572425
ISBN 13 : 9781581572421

Presents over one hundred recipes for food preservation, from canning fruits and pickling vegetables to smoking fish, dehydrating meats, and using lacto-fermentation methods on mil..